Does TaxJar AutoFile amended returns?

If you're enrolled in AutoFile, our system does not automatically support amending returns at this time. 

However, if you need to amend your sales tax return that was previously filed by AutoFile, then we offer the following options:

1. You can use your TaxJar Reports to file an amended return from a previous filing period yourself. 

  • If you need to view Reports from a previous filing period in order to file an amended return, click the "Sales Tax Report" button for the state you need to file on your TaxJar Dashboard.
  • Use the Navigational Arrows at the Top Right of the Sales Tax Report to select the past filing period you would like to view.
  • When you're ready to file your return, you'll need to enter the details from your TaxJar Report into the sales tax form at the state's e-file website.
  • We have a list of all state DOR/e-file websites here.

2. You may request that TaxJar file your amended return for you for $99 per return.*

  • Send a request by email to including the following information:
    1. Reason for the amended return(s)
    2. The state name(s) and specific filing period(s) you would like TaxJar to amend
    3. Amendments will only be filed based on your 'Expected Sales Tax Due' Report for each of the affected state(s) and period(s). 
      • Confirm that you have reviewed and approve that the amendment(s) be filed based on the Expected amounts.
    4. Written agreement to the $99 filing fee for each amended return requested. 
      • Clearly state that, "Yes, I agree to the $99 fee per amended return."
      • You will not be charged until after the return(s) have been successfully amended.
  • Once your request is received, our filing team will review your filing details for that state.

Please Note:

  • *Submission of this request does not guarantee your sales tax returns will qualify to be amended, as amendment regulations vary from state to state.
  • Once your request is received and confirmed by our filing team, you will be provided with the estimated delivery time frame for your returns.