BigCommerce Connection Update - August 2019

What’s changing with my BigCommerce connection?

This month, we are updating permissions in our BigCommerce app. The next time you access the TaxJar app in BigCommerce under “Apps”, we will ask you to add the following permission:

  • "View and modify general store information and settings"
  • Click the blue “Confirm” button to update the app permissions for TaxJar.

Important: Although we're asking for this additional permission, under no circumstances will we alter your store settings beyond passing that API token. 

  • This is a step that is required by BigCommerce for now, though we will update if we have the ability to use a more specific permission for this in the future.

Why is this required for BigCommerce?

We are working on a feature that will allow you to use TaxJar end-to-end in BigCommerce for sales tax calculations,* in addition to Reporting and filing. 

  • In order to support this update to our integration, BigCommerce will need to make requests to our API to look up the tax rates using your account's individual API token.

What else do I need to know about updating my BigCommerce permissions?

This update does not affect Reporting and filing in your TaxJar account. It simply gives us permission to set an API token for TaxJar in your BigCommerce settings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our our Support! 

*This feature is currently in development and will be available to all BigCommerce merchants in the near future.