AutoFile Email Notifications

When you are successfully enrolled in AutoFile, you will receive an email notification when your AutoFile return begins processing.

You will receive one single email summarizing all your AutoFile filings.

  • We listened to our customer's feedback about receiving too many emails (one per state) so we've streamlined these notifications for your enrolled states into one email to review. 

This email will no longer include the "Estimated Tax Due" amounts for each of your filings.

  • This keeps your financial details more secure and private.
  • You can view the Estimated Tax Due amounts on your AutoFile Dashboard within your account.

Pausing AutoFile returns will need to be requested directly within your TaxJar Account. 

  • If you need more time to review your filing or make data changes, you can initiate this process using the "Pause an AutoFile" request button on your AutoFile Dashboard
  • We walk you through the steps to request to Pause an AutoFile return here.