Walmart OAuth Update

Walmart requires all sellers to update their API connections to Solution Providers (such as TaxJar) with OAuth credentials.

If your Walmart account has been connected to your TaxJar account for longer than one year, you may need to update to the OAuth connection. Walmart can invalidate connections which require you to reconnect and reauthorize your account connections.

If Walmart takes this step, then TaxJar will not be able to import your Walmart transactions unless you update to the new connection method.

How to update your Walmart OAuth credentials:

1) Login to your Walmart Developer Account

2) Navigate to 'Delegate Access' then 'Delegating access to Solution Providers.'

3) Select TaxJar from the dropdown list of 'Solution Providers supported by Walmart' and click 'Add Provider.'

  • In the Order Management column, select 'View Only' access for Orders and Returns for TaxJar from the dropdown menu.

5) Click 'API Key' in the last column on the right for the TaxJar row to access your API Key.

4) Visit your Linked Accounts page in TaxJar and enter your Client ID and Client Secret (the API Key) in the corresponding fields and click the green Save & Continue button to connect Walmart.

 5. After this, you should see on your Linked Accounts page that your Walmart account is successfully connected.