Square Billing FAQ

Square Billing FAQ

I don't see an option to purchase an annual subscription. Why?

  • If you created your TaxJar account by adding the TaxJar app from the Square App store, your billing is managed by Square rather than TaxJar.
  • Users whose billing is managed by Square cannot currently purchase annual subscriptions.
  • Because you must have an annual subscription to purchase AutoFile credits, users who are billed by Square directly will not have the ability to purchase AutoFile Credits.

Can I connect multiple Square accounts?

  • If you signed up for TaxJar from inside of your Square account account, your billing will be managed by Square and Square will bill you a separate subscription fee for each individual location you connect to TaxJar.

At this time, we cannot offer other billing options to customers who are billed by Square and we appreciate your understanding and patience with this system limitation.

Why can't I end my trial early and activate my subscription?

You may end your trial early to activate your subscription for several reasons. If you've signed up via Square, you'll need to click the "Change Plan" button on the Plan and Billing page.

  • Next, click the activation button next to the name of the plan that you want to purchase. This will redirect you back to Square to finalize the approval for your subscription and once that's done, your account will be activated and we'll begin the download of your data for the entire year.

As soon as your account upgrade is complete, you can verify your account status in TaxJar. The 

Plan and Billing page will show that your subscription is now active and you are no longer on a trial.