Should I use my SSN or FEIN to enroll in AutoFile?

As we mention here, we support a single business entity and one Federal Tax ID in a single TaxJar account.

  • This also applies to AutoFile, and as a result, we can AutoFile returns under one Federal Tax ID in a single account. This is the Federal Tax ID number you list in your account's  Business Profile.
If you register for a sales tax registration using a Federal Tax ID that is different from the Federal Tax ID listed in your TaxJar account's Business Profile (and any current AutoFile enrollments), please note that you will not be able to enroll in AutoFile with a different tax ID in the same account. To continue the AutoFile enrollment process, you would need to either:
  • Update your registration with the state to match the Tax ID in your TaxJar Business Profile and current AutoFile enrollments. 
  • Or, change the Tax ID in your TaxJar account's Business Profile to match the new state. (However, if you have existing enrollments, you would also need to go back and update your registration(s) with the state for existing AutoFile enrollments to match the Tax ID for the new state. Your existing AutoFile enrollments would be canceled until the tax ID's on those registrations match the new tax ID.)

At this time, TaxJar does not offer consulting services to provide sales tax registration services or guidance.

  • We've compiled what we know about getting registered in each state here.
  • We also have partners that can register you for a sales tax permit, and they charge around $100 per state. 
  • You can get in touch with those partners using this contact form.