How can I setup my Stripe Integration to collect internationally?

Would you like to collect sales tax in Canada or one of our other supported countries? TaxJar makes this simple! TaxJar's Stripe Integration can support calculations for the US plus 1 additional country.

You can configure your settings for an international address by setting your TaxJar Business Profile address to your international address.

  • By setting your TaxJar Business Profile address to an international address, you trigger our system to treat that location as a nexus address and therefore tax should be calculated for customers based there.
  • Make sure your State Settings include address information continued for accurate US based calculations.  

If you are interested in collecting sales tax outside of the US in more than 1 additional supported country, please email and ask to be put on our request list for this feature. 

  • We are always interested in learning more about ways we can improve our application to address customer needs. If you ask to be put on our request list, we will reach out via email to let you know once the feature has been released. 
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