How can I setup Ecwid to collect internationally?

TaxJar's Ecwid Integration can support sales tax calculations for the US and one additional country. 

You can set an international address by setting your TaxJar business address to your international address. 

  • This will trigger TaxJar to consider that country to have nexus and therefore calculate tax on orders for customers based there.
  • Make sure your State Settings TaxJar include address information for continued accurate US based calculations.  

If your business needs additional international tax functionality, Stripe Tax is a tax solution that provides sales tax, VAT, and GST calculation in 40+ countries and all US states. You can learn more about Stripe Tax here

Stripe acquired TaxJar in 2021 with the vision to bring a global, unified tax solution, Stripe Tax, to market. TaxJar is focused on helping small/medium businesses manage sales tax within the US.