Collect International Tax On WooCommerce

TaxJar's plugin for WooCommerce allows you to configure your store to collect sales tax in all 45 states that have sales tax in the United States. 

  • In addition, you can collect tax in one additional country from our list of supported countries.
  • If your business needs additional international tax functionality, Stripe Tax is a tax solution that provides sales tax, VAT, and GST calculation in 40+ countries and all US states. Learn more about Stripe Tax here. Stripe acquired TaxJar in 2021 with the vision to bring a global, unified tax solution to market whereas TaxJar is focused on helping small/medium businesses manage sales tax within the US.

You can configure proper calculations in the additional country by following the steps below.

Log in to your WooCommerce backend and navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> General.

Next, navigate to WooCommerce -> TaxJar and fill out the proper city and postal code for your new base location.

Once you have followed step A navigate to WooCommerce -> TaxJar and click "Sync Nexus Addresses" and your site will calculate tax on orders that will ship to that country.  It is possible that you may not see this country appear in your nexus locations, but it will still calculate tax when shipping to this country.

Finally check your State Settings to ensure each state includes an address for continued accurate US based calculations.

💡Please note, when the plugin is installed or updated we do clear out all the rates in the table. This is done to prevent calculations that don't come from TaxJar.