Georgia: How do I Iocate my last non-zero payment?

The AutoFile enrollment form for Georgia asks for the exact amount of your last non-zero payment to the state and this detail is required for the DOR to confirm that TaxJar has your permission to file sales tax returns on your behalf.

  • If you've never filed a return with the state of Georgia for your sales tax account, please enter $0.01 as the payment amount.
  • In this scenario, the state will be aware that you haven't made any payments and we will not need this information to enroll you in AutoFile.

But if you have made sales tax payments to the state of Georgia for the account number, we will need to know the exact amount of your last non-zero payment.

  • If you don't remember this detail, you can either login to your Georgia Tax Center account to view your payment history or you can give Georgia's DOR a call and they can look up this detail for your account: 877-423-6711.
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