Florida: How do I locate my Business Partner Number?

Your Business Partner Number is the number used to login at the bottom half of this Florida e-file screen:

Florida Business Partner Number

If you're not sure where to locate this detail for your account, there are a couple of places to check:

1) It is listed in smaller print on the back of your Florida sales tax permit.

  • The full Business Partner number will be 7 - 10 digits long.
  • AutoFile enrollment requires a 10 digit Business Partner number. If you have a 7 digit number, add 000 to the beginning (i.e. 0001234567).

2) The state can also do a lookup of this number of you give them a call at 850-488-6800.
Press 1 for English, then 2 for general information on taxes, then 2 for any other taxes. (You can also try pressing 0 after pressing 1 for English. This 0 is a hidden option that doesn’t always work!)

For more details about the Florida Business Partner Number in this blog post.