ShopSite Integration

An integration with TaxJar is available in ShopSite v14.

  • If you’re using an older version of ShopSite, you will need to upgrade to the v14 to use the TaxJar integration. If you need assistance upgrading to v14, please contact ShopSite directly and they will assist you. They can be reached at or at 888-373-4347.

To enable the TaxJar integration, navigate to Commerce Setup > Tax Type > Select and Configure Tax Type and Rates in your ShopSite admin panel and choose "Use TaxJar."

Click "Configure" to continue setting up the integration with TaxJar:

NOTE: As of July 31, 2019, support for the 99999 product category code (general/unspecified exempt products) has been deprecated.

You are welcome to continue using 99999 and file your returns manually, but if you use AutoFile, any transactions with the 99999 tax code will be treated as fully taxable. We discuss this in more detail here.

If you would like to request support for a product category that's not listed here, please contact our Support and we'll keep you updated on new additions to our supported product tax categories.

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