Colorado: EFT Setup

As part of your AutoFile enrollment for Colorado, you'll need to provide your EFT password in the enrollment form.

What is this for?

Colorado has a separate EFT website for processing tax payments to the state. If you have not yet set up your account for this site, you'll need to do this before enrolling in AutoFile for Colorado.

Colorado EFT

  • The first time you login to CO's EFT website website, it will require you to enter your PIN then proceed with setting up your password before setting up ACH Debit with the state.
  • You will then need to provide the Web Password you create for this site in your Colorado AutoFile enrollment form.
  • Your EFT Tax Type Code must match your corresponding CO account type(s).
    • For a Retail Sales Tax account, your EFT Tax Type Code must be: 042