Why is the amount TaxJar AutoFiled different than estimated?

Before we AutoFile your sales tax returns, we send you an email estimating how much we will file. In some cases, this number changes between the time we send that email and when we file your return. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are:

  • We imported more sales data that affected your return 
    •  We automatically imported more sales data from your online shopping carts and marketplaces
    • We imported refunds that affected your totals
  • You uploaded more sales data via .CSV
  • Rounding issues - some states require that we round sales tax totals up or down and this sometimes leads to slight discrepancies in what we predict vs. what we file

If you’re still unsure why the amount TaxJar filed was different from what you expected, contact us at support@taxjar.com and we’re happy to help.