How to choose your Walmart import date

Walmart allows 90 days of your order history to be imported into TaxJar via their API.

If you have previously imported Walmart transactions as comma-separated values (.CSV files), we’ve added a new feature that lets you choose the start date to begin importing your Walmart data with our direct integration.  This feature can help prevent duplicate orders if you have already imported prior Walmart data into TaxJar.

To get started, you'll be required to connect your Walmart account with TaxJar.

Steps to connect your Walmart account to TaxJar:

1. While logged in to TaxJar, click this link:

2. Enter the Consumer ID and Private Key Walmart gives you into the form on the page

3. Choose the start date for orders you’d like us to import. We will default to 90 days ago, but, if you have already imported some Walmart orders from that date range via .CSV file, please choose a start date that begins after the date of your last imported Walmart order.

Once you have completed these steps, your Walmart orders will immediately start importing into your live TaxJar account.