Using TaxJar With Multiple Locations in Square

When you initially  connect your Square account to TaxJar, this connects only your primary Square account which has its own individual Merchant ID.

If you use multiple locations, each additional location will also have a unique Merchant ID.

In order to allow TaxJar to import data from all of your Square locations, you'll need to do a couple of things:
1) Allow TaxJar to import data from each location by  adding the TaxJar app to each location.
2) Visit Square >  Apps and "manage" the TaxJar app to approve the TaxJar connection with each location inside of your Square account.

  • Please note that if you signed up for TaxJar from inside your Square account account, your billing will be managed by Square and you will be billed a separate subscription fee for each individual location you connect to TaxJar.

Once you connect each location to TaxJar, your  Dashboard will show you the exact locations you've connected, along with the range of data TaxJar has imported for each location under "Linked Accounts."