Why can't I connect my Magento store to TaxJar?

If you are getting connection errors when adding your Magento store to TaxJar, please verify your store URL.

The connection will fail if your store has a URL redirect. You should provide the final URL to TaxJar. For example, if www.magentostore.com redirects to magentostore.com (without the WWW), try magentostore.com.

You can also make sure your Magento SOAP API endpoint is accessible. Copy and paste the following URL with your domain into a browser:


This should return a valid XML response. If it times out or returns an error, the endpoint will need to be fixed on your end. Make sure the Magento SOAP API is enabled from the admin panel.

Lastly, verify your Magento version. You may need to apply a security patch to get the SOAP API working correctly again.

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