Connecting Magento to TaxJar

First, download and install the Magento plugin from the  Magento Connect Store.

Once you have installed the Magento plugin on your own website and connected to TaxJar inside Magento, return to the TaxJar app and click on the ' Connect Magento' button.

Here, paste in the URL of your website to authorize us to download your order history.

You can also follow the steps in our Magento Sales Tax Extension Guide.

Troubleshooting Magento connection errors:

  • Make sure the url you put into TaxJar is the url to the homepage, without any redirects.
  • We need access to the SOAP API at the url, https://{{your_store_url}}/index.php/api/v2_soap?wsdl=1, with proper SSL certificate setup and no blocked access via htaccess or other mechanisms.
  • Confirm the SOAP User and Role for taxjar exists in Magento.
  • The Magento SOAP API configuration should be WS-I Compliance set to NO, and initially the WSDL Caching should be turned OFF, but once connected it can be turned back ON.
  • Make sure you don't have a short timeout window or too low memory settings in PHP as we need to connect and query multiple date ranges to download orders back a few months to start. 

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