Can TaxJar file my returns for me?

We can file your returns for you when you enroll in our AutoFile service, which is available for the  states listed here!

To enroll, click on the blue "Enroll in AutoFile" button just below the state name in your  Dashboard and fill out the enrollment form as we describe here.

Please note: Before you enroll in AutoFile, you will need an active sales tax registration for the state where you want to enroll, and a US based bank account. For some states, you will also need to have active state-issued e-filing credentials.

If you don't see an enrollment button as shown in the picture above it may be due to one of the following reasons:

1) TaxJar does not see the state as an official nexus state where you have registered. You can add a nexus state by filling out all details for the state in your State Settings.

2) AutoFile enrollment is temporarily closed. Learn more about this here.

When you enroll in AutoFile, be sure to fill out the entire form and use correct credentials, carefully checking for typos, case sensitivity and other mistakes, as  incorrect information and mistakes in this form can prevent your enrollment from being completed and may ultimately prevent us from filing your returns for you.

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