Important 2022 Updates to Amazon Integration

Amazon has recently updated their privacy and data import policies. Due to this, there are some changes to our integration with Amazon that are important for you to know about.

Amazon’s updated privacy policy

Effective September 1, 2022, TaxJar has been required to update to Amazon's new Selling Partner API (SP-API) in order to comply with Amazon’s new privacy policies. 

As part of Amazon’s privacy policies, Amazon has asked that all invoices omit the customer’s name and shipping street address in TaxJar. You can learn more about Amazon's decision here.

This means that you will see “REDACTED” in place of the street address when viewing order information on your TaxJar account’s Transactions page. 

  • In addition, if you request a CSV export of your transaction data, you’ll see “REDACTED” in the customer_name and shiptostreet fields for Amazon orders.
  • TaxJar customers will only be able to view the ship-to zip code for their transactions imported directly from Amazon. However, TaxJar will still correctly identify these Amazon orders as marketplace facilitated transactions, where applicable, and include the actual tax collected by Amazon.

This update does not impact any other providers, so there will be no change to the information you’ll see for your other linked accounts.