Squarespace Plan Comparison

TaxJar can help you with sales tax calculations, compliance, reporting, and filing for your Squarespace store. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the three TaxJar plans available to Squarespace users.

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Plans and Eligibility

The Squarespace plan you must be subscribed to varies by the TaxJar plan selected. 

To qualify for TaxJar's complementary sales tax calculation service offered through Squarespace, you must be subscribed to one of the following Squarespace plans:

For the TaxJar Starter or Professional plan, a Squarespace Business, Commerce Basic, or Commerce Advanced plan is required.

Option 1: Complimentary TaxJar Calculations for Squarespace

This is the plan provided by Squarespace at no additional cost to users subscribed to their Commerce Basic or Commerce Advanced plans. The TaxJar engine provides sales tax calculations, but you do not have access to the reporting and compliance features of TaxJar. 

  • This plan provides you with the ability to enable and manage sales tax calculations in states where you have nexus. 
  • It's important to remember that while TaxJar provides sales tax calculations under this plan, we do not actually collect sales tax from your customers. Instead, it is collected by your cart and remains with you until remitted to the state(s).

If you're on the Business plan and would like complimentary Squarespace calculations, you can upgrade your website subscription to a Commerce plan.

Option 2: TaxJar Professional Plan

This plan includes both sales tax calculations AND sales tax reporting and compliance, and is available to Squarespace users on Squarespace Business, Commerce Basic, or Commerce Advanced plans.

TaxJar Professional accounts have access to generate and view state sales tax reports and enroll in TaxJar’s AutoFile service. 

Important: This is the only plan available to Squarespace Business customers that includes sales tax calculations.

Option 3: TaxJar Starter Plan

This plan includes sales tax reporting and compliance, but does NOT include sales tax calculations. 

  • Starter plans do not calculate sales tax for your sales because Squarespace has built-in sales tax collection functionality that you need to enable and configure on your own. 
  • You can find steps to set up your sales tax calculations in the Squarespace documentation here.

Our app then downloads your order history and compiles detailed Sales Tax Reports on the sales tax you're collecting via Squarespace.

  • In these Reports, we'll assign the collected taxes to the proper jurisdictions and you can use the Reports to quickly and easily file your returns.
  • You can also enroll in our AutoFile service to have TaxJar file your sales tax returns for you.

Choosing a New Plan

If you are considering moving to a different TaxJar plan, please contact our Support Team so we can review your account and recommend the next steps.