Does TaxJar have a partnership with SST?

Does TaxJar have a partnership with SST?

Yes, and we are the first provider not required to obtain certification from the SST. We obtain ongoing rate/rule/boundary data updates directly from SST for the 24 states and utilize their SER (Simple Electronic Return) format for our AutoFile service.

We currently support AutoFile for all SST states due to the relationship we have built directly with the states. 

How will SST registration affect the AutoFile Enrollment process?

The AutoFile Enrollment process is mostly the same with the exception of a handful of states, and we’ve listed a few examples of the additional legwork that may be required to enroll in AutoFile below:

  • Michigan: The state opens two sales tax accounts, and the only additional legwork needed to enroll in AutoFile in this state is for the customer to request one of the two accounts be closed  
  • Tennessee: Customers would need to contact the state to request a change in license type from SST license to SLC license (we require a standard license to AutoFile)
  • Utah: SST registrants are assigned a Casual filing frequency which we don't support. To enroll in AutoFile, customers will need to work with the state to change to a standard frequency, such as Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual.